Holltronic Cenfis

Cenfis is a GPS navigation system for gliders, developed by Holltronic.

The Cenfis is powerful and very easy to use. Unfortunately, it is not in production anymore. Hubert Oberhollenzer, the developer, has agreed to hand all source codes to me, so I can fix bugs in the firmware and release new firmware versions and databases. Unfortunately, that has never happened.

To generate/convert database files, you may use my free loggertools software.

For your convenience, here is a list of downloads:

File Source Description
110331_OpenAir.bhf www.daec.de German airspace 2011-03-31 (not yet verified)
EHv10_3b.bhf www.luchtruim.info Dutch airspace 2010 (not yet verified)
cfp_v37c.zip holltronic.com Firmware Cenfis Champion 3.7c
cfpmv37c.zip holltronic.com Firmware Cenfis Media 3.7c
cdb_h128.zip holltronic.com Waypoints

I am not the copyright holder of these files - I am mirroring them only because it seems that this page is the last resource for Cenfis owners on the net. Use them at your own risk; I have moved on long ago, using XCSoar now.