loggertools, tools for flight loggers

A collection of tools for flight loggers, especially for gliders. They help you convert data (turn points, air spaces, flight logs) and connect to the device.

The following devices are being supported (the ones I have access to):

I am currently working on supporting:

The following data formats are understood:


loggertools version 0.0.2 (alpha) has been released on 2008/08/02. Please test it with your device and send feedback!

To get the latest code from git, enter:

git clone git://github.com/MaxKellermann/loggertools

Vendor support

Most vendors I contacted were very helpful. The following table lists these:

Vendor nameDescription
Flarm Flarm sent a detailed protocol specification in PDF format.
Holltronic Hubert Oberhollenzer sent me a lot of his Delphi/Pascal source code.
LX Navigation / Filser Vendor ignored my emails. Some features were already implemented in KFlog, and I reverse engineered the rest.
SDI/Zander Received Visual Basic source code, which I could examine. The code was helpful, but incomplete. Reverse engineering, again.