uoamhub is a dedicated server for UOAutoMap. UOAutoMap is written by Steve Blanding, and is an explicitly non-free map tracking tool for Ultima Online, which has networking features with a proprietary, undocumented protocol.

The binary is around 25 kB, and it needs about 600 kB of RAM. The server consumes a few seconds of CPU time a day.

There is a demo server: uoam.sassie.org:2000, password "th" (or any other password).


uoamhub v0.9.1 released!
uoamhub v0.9 is released!


The current version of uoamhub is 0.9.1.


The uoamhub sources are managed in a Subversion repository. You can view the repository in your browser, or check it out if you have a Subversion client:

svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/uoamhub/trunk uoamhub

Debian users may find my repository useful. It provides binary packages for this project.


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