XCSoar on Kobo Mini/Touch/Glo

XCSoar 6.7 will be able to run on Kobo e-book readers. We are developing specifically for the Kobo Mini, but Kobo Glo and Kobo Touch are (reportedly) also compatible with XCSoar.

XCSoar on Kobo Mini


Before you begin: this is experimental. It has not been tested well yet. It may render your Kobo unusable. Use at your own risk.

In any case, back up all your data and the system partition.

Copy KoboRoot.tgz to the data partition to a directory called “.kobo” (note the leading dot; the directory already exists, but is hidden). Reboot the Kobo.

Disabling XCSoar

Extract the internal microSD card. Mount it on a computer. Restore /etc/inittab from the backup.


The Kobo does not have a GPS, something that is essential for a modern glide computer. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is also missing. This is how you can connect an external GPS:


Copy the file init.sh to XCSoarData/kobo/ and reboot. Connect the Kobo with a USB cable to your computer. Configure the USB ethernet on your computer this way:

ifconfig usb0 up

You can now “telnet” and log in as root without a password.