Dell Streak 5

The Dell Streak 5 is the recommended hardware for running XCSoar. It is a smartphone with a 5 inch transflective 800x480 display. The display can be read perfectly in direct sunlight. The 1 GHz Qualcomm ARMv7 CPU is more than adequate for XCSoar.

Android 2.3 (Olleh)

The Streak comes with Android 2.2. Dell has released an Android 2.3 firmware image for the Korean market, called “Olleh”. Any Streak can be upgraded. Advantages:

Other than that, there are no advantages of running Android 2.3. Do the upgrade only if you need it. Beware of disadvantages:

How to Upgrade to Olleh

No guarantees, no liability for damage, yadda yadda.

Install StreakMod Recovery

Install Olleh

Uninstalling Bloat

Dell loads the Streak with lots of useless crapware. I have assembled a package for the Olleh firmware that uninstall much of it.

How to do it: