XCSoar Hardware Vendor Support

This page lists a few hardware vendors that we have had contact with for XCSoar development.

For maximum compatibility with XCSoar, consult this page and ask the vendor before buying something for your glider.

Are you a hardware vendor? Tell us, we’re always interested in adding more hardware drivers.

Support and
XCSoar Driver Comment
good good
(Vario, Connect)
n/a none XCSoar has no driver for Butterfly products. In 2012, Butterfly promised to donate a vario for XCSoar driver development, but that has not happened. The Butterfly Connect adapter is not compatible with XCSoar.
good good The CAI302 protocol is fully documented, and XCSoar's CAI302 driver is as good as it can get.
ClearNav bad none ClearNav has stated they're not interested in XCSoar. Therefore, XCSoar will not support ClearNav products.
(EW microRecorder)
good good Donation: an EW microRecorder.
FLARM good good
good good Donation: one ERIXX.
K6 Team
(K6 Bt)
good good Donation: two K6 Bt.
(V7, Nano)
good good Donations: V7 Vario, Nano
LX Navigation
(LX7007, MiniMap)
bad bad Donation: one MiniMap. LX Navigation has ceased responding our emails in 2012, and important LX1600 features do not work as documented. The LX166 freezes and LX Navigation blames XCSoar for their own firmware bug. LX Navigation refuses to help with LX7007 firmware bugs.
(ZS1, SR940, GP940)
bad n/a Protocol documentation does not exist. Franz Poeschl has stated that he is not interested in cooperation with XCSoar. Therefore, XCSoar will not support SDI products.
(Altair, Vega)
good good Donations: Altair, Vega, Galaxy SII. Triadis has contributed to XCSoar development (for the Altair).
n/a bad Westerboer has asked us to delete their protocol documentation. Therefore, XCSoar will not support Westerboer products.
Wharington-Smith Instruments
very good very good John Wharington is long-time XCSoar developer.